Liner notes

This work expresses the transcendent power of music in all its traditions and forms. (Roger Griffin, historian of ideas)

Harry Tavitian is an Armenian born in Dobrogea, at the gates of The Orient. Cserey Csaba is a Szeckler (székely – secui) born in Transylvania, at the gates of The Occident.

In “Christmas Cantata” carols (either Romanian archaic – some of them collected by Béla Bartók – or from the Byzantine tradition, or Armenian ones) meet Afro-American negro spirituals – one of those musical primitive forms from which jazz itself was born. Voices from another time, full of joy and beauty.

10 years ago, at one of Tavitian’s Christmas concerts called Praznic (Feast), Mugur Grosu (who also did the graphic art of this CD) handled 1000 wooden spoons hanging over people’s heads, using a rope network. The spoons, some painted (the spiritual bread) some not (the material one) have danced to the music. These carols call upon us to joint-feasting, to help the “good time” renew by Grace-light. The glorious Christmas-night. Christ is born. The whole universe is changed by the power of divine love. Cosmic liturgy! (Artemie Căluş)

Christmas Cantata

1. Iată vin colindători (Romanian trad.)

2. (Romanian trad. – Béla Bartók collection)

3. Erurem (Byzantine carol)

4. Go down, Moses! (Negro spiritual)

5. (Romanian trad. – Béla Bartók collection)

6. Avedis (Armenian trad.)

7. Swing low, sweet chariot (Negro spiritual)

8. (Romanian trad. – Béla Bartók collection)

9. When the saints go marchin’ in (Negro spiritual)

10. Doamnă bucuroasă (Romanian trad.)

11. (Romanian trad. – Béla Bartók collection)

12. Everytime I feel the spirit (Negro spiritual)

13. La Vitleem colo-n jos (Romanian trad.)

14. When I die (Negro spiritual)

15. Afterword

* Harry Tavitian – piano, vocal (1, 4, 6, 7, 9, 12, 14), wooden flute (10), sleigh bells (1, 7, 10, 11, 15), rainstick (15), toacă & church bells of St. Mina & St. Mary Armenian Church of Constanţa, Romania

* Cserey Csaba – drums, percussion, darbuka (2), sleigh bells (7, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15), buhai (13)

Recorded in Bucharest, Romania – 10 Oct 2008

Recording & mastering – George Nemeznic

Photo – Gabriel Mitroi

Art design – Mugur Grosu

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